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Resistant bacteria
Infections that do not respond to antibiotics are becoming a problem with increasing frequency. Recent reports have attributed pediatric and adult deaths to bacterial infections resistant to antibiotic therapy. Antibiotic resistance develops in bacteria when they are exposed to antibiotic drugs frequently. This frequent exposure allows only the strongest and most resistant forms to survive and spread through the community.

A major contributor to this problem is the over prescribing of antibiotics by physicians for colds, viral infections and minor illness that do not require antibiotics. This inappropriate use of antibiotics trains bacteria to resist the drugs.

There are many reasons antibiotic medications are over prescribed. Here are a few:
  • Patients think they will get better sooner (this is wrong)
  • Doctors think patients will get better sooner (this is wrong)
  • Patients are accustomed to receiving a prescription
  • Doctors are accustomed to writing prescriptions
Here are a few important facts:
  • Antibiotics do not help colds
  • Antibiotics frequently cause side effects
  • Most sore throats with and with out white spots are not Strep Infections
  • Most sore throats last 7 days with or without antibiotics
  • Most stuffy heads and runny noses with or without fever are viral infections (cold) and antibiotics are of no use.
You can help prevent exposing yourself to unnecessary antibiotics:
  • If your throat hurts come in and have it checked, do not assume you need a prescription
  • If you have a cold give it time. If a cold lasts longer than a week it’s time to see the doctor.
  • Do not take antibiotics that you have left over from a previous infection
We are also taking steps to help make sure that you get the right medication at the right time.
  • We have begun using a system to diagnose Strep throat infections within minutes.
  • We have increased the number of same day appointments
  • We have many medications to help with allergies, stuffy noses and the symptoms of viral infection
  • We have committed ourselves using antibiotics only when absolutely necessary